We have been developing a creative vision for the entertainment industry in South Central Alaska for more than 25 years. Five Star Entertainment was started in 2003 and within 1 year, we became the largest entertainment company in the state and the event business in Alaska was changed forever!


Always an entertainment leader, Five Star Entertainment brought many industry firsts to Alaska: led room up lighting, custom backdrops, video backdrops and integrated (hand-painted and video) backdrops. We also created two annual Anchorage events: the Monster Ball Halloween Party and the New Year's Eve Ball. Always looking to modernize and innovate the event industry in Alaska, we recently added exceptional wedding and event photography to our event services.


Some of our best clients are long time friends and we rely on each other year after year. We believe our mission statement guides us to be the most innovative event company in Alaska.



"Five Star Entertainment will provide every client with the personal care and attention they deserve. Our events will include unique designs, ideas that stretch the imagination and unparalleled creativity. Most importantly, we will treat all our event guests as family."


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